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iOS Driver for Native Apps

Building an ios-driver for native apps. This talk will explain how to automate native ios applications using a driver inspired by the webdriver protocol.It will demonstrate how to handle the testing of localized apps. It will also

Unit Testing your iPhone App with OCUnit

OCUnit is an open source testing framework for Objective C in the Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server, GNUSTEP, YellowBox/Cocoa and WebObjects/Objective C environments. This video shows how to use OCUnit to perform unit testing in

Automated iPhone Testing with Open Source Tools

This video shows how to automate the iOS platform / iPhone automation using Open Source tools; compatible with ANT and Maven in any continuous environment. In this demo we show you how Open Source can perform a

OCUnit and UI Automation Testing for iOS

OCUnit framework and the UIAutomation framework allow developers to create unit tests with code coverage, and user interface level testing suites. This video teaches how to create an OCUnit project in XCode and then write and debug

iCucke: Integration testing for iPhone applications with Cucumber

iCuke allows you to write integration tests for your iPhone applications without changing your existing code (as long as your application makes proper use of the accessibility APIs). Usage is pretty much as you’d expect, install the