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Testing API Following the Test Pyramid

As software developers and QAs, we are concerned about to create add test coverage for our API’s through unit and integration tests using mocks to support a better strategy and removing dependencies.

Given the last wave of adopted architectural changes on many backend systems, the best coverage in any aspect is necessary. Even though developers create API Tests in low level there’re other testing techniques and levels to be applied in order to smash the bugs during the development process. One of the main points of this presentation is to show how can we execute them applied to a pipeline to deliver our APIs through a Continuous Delivery or Continuous Deployment strategy following the test pyramid to have a faster feedback about our application health. You will learn how to develop a pipeline for API Tests beyond the unit and integration tests: health check – contract testing – acceptance testing – functional testing, and how to do this with Rest-Assured with concrete examples and DRY techniques. At the end of this presentation, you will have a practical and functional example that can be applied by your teams.

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