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Testing & Release strategy for Native Android & iOS Apps

Experimentation and quick feedback is the key to success of any native Android & iOS apps, while of course software testing is used to ensure a good quality product with new and better features and that is being shipped out at a decent / regular frequency to the users.

This presentation discusses how to enable experimentation, get quick feedback and reduce risk for the product by using a case study of a media / entertainment domain product, used by millions of users across 10+ countries. We will discuss Testing Strategy and the Release process an Android & iOS Native app – that will help enable continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD). To understand these techniques, we will quickly recap the challenges and quirks of testing Native Apps and how that is different from testing web and mobile web Apps.

The majority of the discussion will focus on different techniques / practices related to Testing & Releases that can be established to achieve our goals, some of which are listed below:
– Functional Automation approach – identify and automate user scenarios, across supported regions
– Testing approach – what to test, when to test, how to test!
– Manual Sanity before release – and why it was important!
– Staged roll-outs via Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store
– Extensive monitoring of the release as users come on board, and comparing the key metrics (ex: consumer engagement) with prior releases
– Understanding Consumer Sentiments (Google’s Play Store / Apple’s App Store review comments, Social Media scans, Issues reported to / by Support, etc.)

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