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Testing Applications on Mobile Devices

In the highly competitive world of mobile applications, getting high-quality apps to market quickly can make or break the success of a product. With new applications for Android, iPhone and Blackberry battling for media attention and consumer dollars, the pressure to get apps built, tested and launched has never been greater. But the testing methods that have worked for web and desktop app companies (in-house QA, offshore testing firms, emulators/simulators, beta testers, etc.) dont meet the QA needs of mobile apps. The testing matrices in the mobile app world have become far too complex. Companies must test their apps across handset makers, handset models, wireless carriers, OS and browsers. And beyond that, they MUST account for location-based testing a task that has proven difficult and prohibitively expensive for even the most mature and sophisticated teams. This unmet challenge calls for a new approach. Crowdsourcing is uniquely suited to meet this challenge.