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Amazing Code Reviews

Learn e a set of principles and pragmatic techniques for improving your code reviews and raising the sofware quality bar in your organization. Are you a bit terrified when merging code to master? Do you loathe having to read hundreds of LOC to understand that PR you got tagged in? Do you polish and re-polish before asking for a code review? Then you should watch this presentation!

There is consensus on the fact that code reviews are an important step for a successful development workflow. Most organizations undergo code reviews of some form. However, it is all too common to see code reviewers that barely scratch the surface of the work being put forth, or that offer feedback that is unclear or hard to act upon. This robs the team from the opportunity to speed up learning, share knowledge and context, and from generally raising the quality bar on the software being built. This talk present the experience of encountering a new code review process when joining Shopify, and the surprising learnings found – even as an experienced software developer. The presentation will discuss the tremendous gains individuals and teams can reap from a thoughtful, well-structured review process. You will also learn some practical techniques to help both the reviewers and the reviewees do a fantastic job at crafting solid deliverables.

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