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DevOps from Scratch: Good, Fast & Safe

DevOps at this company is a survival mechanism. You need to be lean and innovative or it will simply not exist as a business. DevOps is not only using Chef or deploying to AWS. DevOps means optimizing early for the behaviors you wanted as an operations’ organization working with software developers. You should focus on these efforts to get everyone working towards the same shared goals. You can work to lower the risk of change through both the tools AND the culture you will grow.

If you ask ten people to define DevOps, you will likely get a dozen different answers. Somehow people cannot agree on what DevOps is, only what it looks like. Many companies want all the benefits from DevOps without making any changes to their organization. The truth is that successful DevOps implementations require hard work over long periods of time. In this session, you will learn how you can turn ideas into reality, quickly and safely. You will discover how to design a telemetry system to support useful, actionable metrics and the steps you need to take to level up your engineers, giving them the ownership and accountability to own the applications they build. You will learn what produced good results, what generated more trouble than it was worth, and what concrete ideas you can use to improve how work gets done within your organization.

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