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Visual Testing with CodeceptJS & Resemble.js

In the modern days of data intensive analytical applications, it is important to not just test the usability of the application but also make sure that the data being plotted is not majorly away from the expected result patterns using visual testing. Resemble.js is a great tool for image comparison and analysis, which inspired the creation of a helper for the existing UI testing library CodeceptJS, this helper is named codeceptjs-resemblehelper.

CodeceptJS (a successor of Codeception) is an open source testing framework for end-to-end testing with WebDriver (or others). It abstracts browser interaction to simple steps that are written from a user perspective. Imagine yourself to be QA of an application that monitors 1000’s of metrics and plots them, it would take a huge amount of time for a human eye to compare each metric plot and verify if it is working as “expected”. The session focuses on how software testers can take benefit of Visual testing with CodeceptJS and Resemble.js, It looks at use cases and work with the helper to see how visual testing works and how it could do wonders when it comes to saving time and bringing more quality confidence to the release cycle.

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