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Applying Testing Mindset to Software Development

Software Development is a creative activity that requires focus. During coding session you as a programmer tends to make so many decision that sometimes force you to neglect ‘unimportant details’ that might sounds like specific use cases, unclear statements or somethings that won’t gonna happen. In most cases the system even so complex that is not that easy to step out and see the whole picture, even from user’s point of view.

Historically software developers used to trust other people called testers to verify those ‘details’ from user’s perspective before deploying into production. In order to have proper alignment inside the team dedicated ‘QA step’ added to the process. That obvious solution have some quick-wins with outcome of found bugs before releasing the software. But there are some tradeoffs, such as: slower delivery cycle, extra test documentation and GUI automated tests that are not that easy to maintain. During my talk I would like to share some insight and lessons we learned at Spotify that helps us improving team’s development productivity without losing quality of the product. Hopefully that will help your team as well or at least show one of the directions you might want to follow.

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