Practical Unit Tests for Video Games

Learn how unit testing can be successfully applied to video game development, and the benefits and drawbacks of this technique. You will see real-life examples of common unit test anti-patterns, understand the problems caused by these anti-patterns, and how to avoid them.

Unit testing is common in the wider software world, but it has not taken off in the video game industry. There are many who claim it can’t be successfully applied to games. Andrew Fray disagrees, and yet he could not call his first attempt at unit-tested code, a subsystem of a AAA console game, entirely successful. In this talk, Andrew will explain why he believes unit tests are perfectly usable in game development, but that like any technique, they need careful practice and considered application. By dissecting tests from his first project, he will explain the ways in which poor unit tests can affect a project’s ability to iterate and grow, while also showing how to avoid these problems in your own code.

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