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Testing Android UI with Espresso

Espresso is a new Android open source testing framework (not released yet) that lets you write concise, beautiful and reliable UI tests quickly. Developing a reliable Android test should be as quick and easy as pulling a shot of espresso. Unfortunately, with existing tools, it may feel more like making a double-shot-caramel-sauce-upside-down-si­ngle-whip-half-decaf-latte – confusing and rarely consistent.

The core API is small, predictable, and easy to learn – yet it is also open for customization. Espresso tests state their expectations, interactions, and assertions clearly without distracting boilerplate, custom infrastructure, or messy implementation details getting in the way. Tests run optimally fast – leave your waits, syncs, sleeps, and polls behind and let the framework gracefully manipulate and assert on your UI when it is at rest. Start enjoying writing and executing UI tests – try a shot of Espresso.

Event: Google Test Automation Conference