BidiChecker: Automated Bidi Testing of Web Applications

BidiChecker is a tool for the automated testing of web pages for errors in support of right-to-left (RTL) languages, also known as bidirectional (bidi) because they routinely include left-to-right items such as numbers and Latin-script words and phrases.

Bidi support for a web page is a common requirement, even for pages in left-to-right scripts. Any page which accepts user input or displays multilingual content is likely to end up handling bidirectional text at some point, as it will eventually encounter data in Arabic, Hebrew or another RTL language. BidiChecker provides a Javascript API which can be easily integrated into an existing test suite. It also supports a browser bookmarklet which lets you run the checks manually on any web page and browse through the errors highlighted on the page. We’ll talk a bit about common bidi bugs, then describe and demonstrate BidiChecker.