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Living with Git and Subversion in Parallel

Our company Subversion repository recently rounded 100.000 revisions. Our main product now counts over 50.000 files, in a workspace of several gigabytes. The pains of tending to a project of this size is made worse by Subversion. Updates and commits take a long while, working with branches is unbearable, and the workspace itself is immensely slowed down by the thousands of miniscule .svn folders powdered around in each directory.

At the same time, we haven’t been able to make the switch to Git, for the same reason as many others: Lack of tooling, Windows-friendliness, learning curve – these are all excuses that can and will be overcome, some day. But for now, we had to come up with something different. We decided that those of us who want to make the switch to distributed SCM should not have to wait for it. For over a year, more and more of the development team have joined in on doing SCM via our Git-SVN mirror. Setting up this kind of infrastructure is not trivial, but in this talk I’ll guide you through all the steps, as well as a few more you should make when you finally want to leave SVN behind.

Video Producer: JavaZone Conference

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