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Taming the Beast: How to test an AJAX Application

Typically we address the problem of testing an AJAX application through a plethora of big end-to-end tests and (hopefully) high unit-test coverage. In our presentation, we’d like to outline the main problems with this approach. Testing through the GUI is expensive, gives limited insight into the system, and often take only the ‘happy paths’ into account. While unit tests don’t suffer from many of these problems, they alone are not sufficient mainly because they give little insight how the components interact with each other and don’t give confidence that the business logic and functionality of the system meets the requirements. In our presentation we would like to demonstrate an effective testing strategy for a sample GWT-based application which goes beyond “testing just through the GUI”. The Third Annual Google Test Automation Conference (GTAC), Seattle, WA, Oct. 23rd and 24th. Speaker: Markus Clermont and John Thomas.