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Smarter Testing with Smarter Testers

Today’s software development projects are typically iterative, fast moving and subject to change. As software testers in these environments, we are continuously faced with an overwhelming amount of information and data to take in, analyze and process

The Power of Pair Testing

In agile teams, it’s inevitable that team members are expected to be more cross-functional and produce high quality products for their customers. How can agile team members become more cross-functional and take ownership of quality? Often times

Becoming a More Technical Tester

Erica Walker shares her tips, approaches, and experiences on becoming a more technical tester.

Heuristics for Software Testing Leaders

Some testers are always leaders. Others see a project challenge that demands positive action and step into a leadership void because somebody has to. You may never seek or be given a formal role as a test

Applying Testing Mindset to Software Development

Software Development is a creative activity that requires focus. During coding session you as a programmer tends to make so many decision that sometimes force you to neglect ‘unimportant details’ that might sounds like specific use cases,