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Cover Your Web and Mobile Applications with Integration Tests from Scratch

Using a Web application is easy. Testing it should be easy as well. Arquillian, a revolutionary Java enterprise testing platform—together with its extensions Arquillian Drone and Arquillian Android—enables that. In this tutorial, you will learn how to

Installing Maven 3 and Eclipse Helios on Windows 7

This short tutorial explains how to install Maven 3 and Eclipse Helios on Windows 7. Related resources * Maven project home page * Maven evaluation * Maven plugins

Zen and the Art of Build Script Maintenance

Build scripts are an essential art in any software project. And yet they are so often fragile, brittle and unportable things, hard to understand and harder to maintain. In this talk, we cover what constitutes a good

Industrial Strength Groovy

Paul King presents some of the tools helping one programming in Groovy: Cobertura – code coverage, CodeNarc – code style, EasyB – acceptance tests, GroovyDoc – documentation, GroovyMock/Spock – mocking and testing, Hudson – CI builds, Maven/Ant/Gant/Gradle

Learn how to Use Selenium with Maven/Ant to Automate Testing of Web Apps

San Francisco Java User Group presents Chris Bedford who talks about: – How to write functional tests with Selenium (including explaining its IDE, architecture, RC, and alternatives like Canoo WebTest) – How to set up Selenium testing