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CATJS: Applications That Test Themselves

CatJS is an open source automation framework with a new approach for testing your HTML and JavaScript based web applications on multiple environments such as browsers and mobile devices. With CatJS the developer is not forced to

HTML5 Testing in All Browsers with Java

Would you love to test your HTML5 app in all browsers? The biggest challenge in writing HTML5 applications is that your application must run on many platforms, ranging from old desktop browsers to cutting-edge mobile browsers.

Automating Canvas Applications

Despite recent improvements to automated testing tools, there’s still a large gap when it comes to emerging technologies such as HTML5. Recent developments like the canvas element present an interesting dilemma for traditional automated testing as they

Fighting Layout Bugs

So you have unit tests, integration tests, and maybe even frontend tests, and you know that your web application does what it is supposed to do. But what about layout bugs? How do you ensure, that every