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Advanced Android Espresso Testing

Do you test your Android apps? It’s okay if you don’t – historically the tools had not been stellar. But they have gotten much better, and I am going to show you my favorite, instrumentation testing with

Fast Screenshot Testing for Android

This presentation explains about how Facebook generate fast deterministic screenshots for Android views, with particular focus on how it does this for the hundreds of different configurations of Android feed stories. The talk discusses how Facebook use

Testing Your Android Application

Everybody knows testing is important, so let’s focus on test-driven development, testing best practices and the most useful Android testing libraries in our quest to improve the user experience and developer happiness. In this talk you’ll get

How Facebook Tests Facebook on Android

Learn what Facebook does to ensure that each release is as good as it can be. We’ll cover everything from how we manage our code, through our approaches to testing and all the way out to dogfooding.

Acceptance Test Driven Android

There are few topics hotter these days than Mobile Software Development. It seems like every company is rushing to release their own Mobile Application. But when it comes time to build that software they quickly learn that