ZTL Record and Play Example

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ZK-ZTL is an open source tool which can automatically test the ZK Framework with jUnit and Selenium frameworks. ZK is the leading open source Ajax and Mobile Java framework. This video show hot to use Selenium IDE to test ZK applications without the need for a UUID generator.

Crawljax – A Tool for Automating Web Application Testing

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Crawljax is a tool for crawling any AJAX/GWT application. It uses WebDriver to navigate through the different states of a web application. With plugins and invariants Crawljax can be used to perform various automated tests. For example: security testing, regression testing, accessibility testing, performance testing, cross-browser testing…

Strategies For Testing Ajax Web Applications

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As a Python web developer you are probably familiar with the paradigms of testing simple web applications. Your test case makes a GET / POST request, your program responds with an HTML page, and your test verifies the HTML elements. Unfortunately, today’s typical web application is not so simple! Since modern browsers support asynchronous JavaScript (Ajax) very well, the HTML response might deliver program code to run on the client’s web browser. The browser’s runtime environment would then interact with your server-side Python program and you now have a big problem: How does your test suite cover both server-side functionality and client-side functionality? This talk will use a real Python / Ajax web application as an example then offer practical strategies for creating a fast, scalable test suite to help ensure that each release of such an app works as intended. It goes beyond just the tools and technologies; it examines architectural strategies — how and when to use stubs, how to design a testable UI, etc — so that as your application grows in size, your tests remain fast and effective.

Source and slides for this presentation

Frank Cohen – Open Source Build and Test Workshop

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This is a presentation on how to use different open source test frameworks to test web applications.

Taming the Beast: How to test an AJAX Application

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Typically we address the problem of testing an AJAX application through a plethora of big end-to-end tests and (hopefully) high unit-test coverage. In our presentation, we’d like to outline the main problems with this approach. Testing through the GUI is expensive, gives limited insight into the system, and often take only the ‘happy paths’ into account. While unit tests don’t suffer from many of these problems, they alone are not sufficient mainly because they give little insight how the components interact with each other and don’t give confidence that the business logic and functionality of the system meets the requirements. In our presentation we would like to demonstrate an effective testing strategy for a sample GWT-based application which goes beyond “testing just through the GUI”. The Third Annual Google Test Automation Conference (GTAC), Seattle, WA, Oct. 23rd and 24th. Speaker: Markus Clermont and John Thomas.

High Performance Ajax Applications

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Julien Lecomte, author of the YUI Compressor and the YUI Browser History Manager, recently gave a talk at Yahoo on the creation of high-performance DHTML applications.

In this talk, Julien covers several major performance topics:

Watch this video on YDN Theater

Ruby on Rails – Part 5: AJAX and Testing

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This is an intensive one-day overview of the fundamental concepts of the Ruby on Rails Web programming framework, presented by the UC Berkeley RAD Lab. The overview consists of six sections of approximately one hour each.

Part 5: AJAX and Testing

Ajax 101, javascript Integration with Rails, testing basics, other cool stuff

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