Continuous Integration Archive

TestOps: Chasing the White Whale

TestOps is the reclusive member of the DevOps family. Reports of sightings have been few and far between. Although we have heard stories, most of us don’t know anyone who’s actually seen it in the wild.

The Death of Continuous Integration

As delivery teams mature and adopt Continuous Delivery they will explicitly discard practices that have become more costly over time. However, many teams today are implicitly discarding Continuous Integration, due to ever-easier Feature Branching and an under-appreciation

Mobile Continuous Integration at Etsy

Mobile is a strong focus at Etsy and we are working on bringing the lessons we learned from running a successful website to the mobile space. This talk covers how Etsy does Continuous Integration for their mobile

Software Testing and Release Engineering at Google

Get a peek into iOS development, from making sure our apps and policies stay in compliance with Appstore development restrictions, to understanding the interesting points of being a large company that occupies the AppStore alongside individual developers.

Codeless Automation with Selenium Builder, Github and Continuous Integration

Learn how Selenium Builder can be used in conjunction with Github and a Continuous Integration (CI) system to run parallelized test runs across multiple browsers without requiring a single line of code to be written.