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Wanted: Context-Driven Test Designer

In order to succeed with your assignment as tester you need to adapt to every project’s specific needs. There is no universal solution regardless of what self-appointed test specialists or so called universal standards may tell you. I will give you examples of two projects I have worked in with very different preconditions. The first project involved testing a very complicated set of rules for credit rating, the second a system for handling customers who did not pay their mortgages on time. The techniques I used to design test cases vary from mathematical-logical decision tables and decision trees to test the set of rules to interviews with the users in order to test the process of handling customer issues. The execution method varied from a scripted approach when testing the set of rules to a more exploratory approach when. I will talk about how a tool box of different techniques can help you with your own testing challenges and give you some helpful tips to aid you on your quest on becoming an excellent test designer.