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Exploratory Testing Extension for Visual Studio

This presentation discusses about the new Chrome Exploratory Testing extension for Visual Studio The extension use various capture formats- notes, screenshots with annotations, user action logs, and videos. Test your applications on real devices using cloud providers

All Your Tests Belong to Us

You have spent time and effort to build a website, and you must verify that it works correctly. But you might be tired of manually testing webpages, which is also an error prone process in itself. Have

Automated Testing of XAML-Based Windows Phone Applications

Do you want to create automated tests for your Windows Phone apps? With Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 you can now create automated tests for your XAML-based Windows Phone apps. Starting from unit tests to functional

Unit Testing and Code Clone Analysis with VS2012

Learn how unit testing is being completely revamped in VS2012. By making the unit testing engine in VS extensible, VS2012 will open the door for 3rd party unit testing adapters such as NUnit and

Goal Driven Load Testing using Visual Studio

This short video discusses the types of performance testing, perform goal driven load testing with Visual Studio; analyzes the test run results and generate a report.