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Unit Testing with jQuery using FireUnit & QUnit

This short screencast gives a quick review of the FireUnit Firefox Firebug Add-on and also the QUnit Unit Testing framework for jQuery. Source code and tutorial for this screencast

Debug Flex and PHP

In this video on Flex and PHP projects, Platform Evangelist Mihai Corlan shows how to debug the Flex and PHP code simultaneously using Flex Builder and Zend Studio for Eclipse.

Drunk on Software – Episode 14 FlexMonkey: Fiesta at Casa Bonita

In another exciting installment of Drunk On Software, we chat with Gorilla Logic’s Stu Stern in celebration of the first production release of FlexMonkey. Our conversation may lack a bit of focus, but does have some good

Earning an “A” in YSlow

Nick Zadrozny takes us on a tour of basic website performance optimization, covering 13 optimizations you shouldn’t deploy your site without. He’ll also go over some sample implementations for a typical Rails app, including a demo of

More Test Driven Development With Javascript: JsTestDriver

Demonstration of JsTestDrive technology and how you can use it to TDD your JavaScript code. Good blog  posting evaluating JsTestDrive