Testing Legacy Rails Code

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Switching to Test-Driven Development (TDD) on an existing project without tests presents special challenges. Code could be a tangled mess of dependencies that defeats the very concept of unit testing. Or somebody attempted TDD in the past and you have a test suite that needs to be fixed before any new tests can be written. This video describes techniques that you can use to bootstrap a test-driven process into your project. Read more

Behavior Driven Development Using Ruby, Cucumber, and rSpec

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This video gives an introduction to behavior driven development using Ruby, Cucumber, and rSpec. This is a practical how-to for developers who have not yet integrated behavior driven development into their workflow.


Testing C# and ASP.NET Applications with Ruby

Published January 3rd, 2011 Under Functional Testing | Comments Off

The Ruby community has always understood the importance of testing. They strive to make applications more
testable while improving the approaches and tools they use. They have created some amazing frameworks and a series of best practices to support testing. C# and ASP.net developers can take full advantage for their own applications. This session provides an insight into the Ruby world and how you can take advantage to create readable, maintainable and valuable tests for ASP.net based web applications. This video demonstrates how to integrate Ruby frameworks such as RSpec and Cucumber into your application development cycle, and how different frameworks combined with Ruby can solve a number of problems traditionally faced when using C#.

Watch this streaming video from the Norwegian Developer Conference 2010

Testing C# and ASP.Net Applications Using Ruby

Published August 4th, 2010 Under Functional Testing | Comments Off

Ben Hall shows how Ruby testing tools can help with .NET and ASP.NET development and takes a look at RSpec, Webrat, Cucumber, Selenium and others. Also: a peek at using IronRuby for testing .NET apps.


Working Outside-in with Cucumber and RSpec

Published August 31st, 2009 Under Functional Testing | Comments Off

Look at the idea of working Outside-in and the importance of focusing on customer value. Introduce Cucumber a testing tool which allows writing plain text feature documentation which through Ruby steps is executed. Examine how to use it, why it is useful and how it compares with existing tests such as Rails integration tests. Look at how Cucumber fits into the testing workflow, how it compliments Behaviour Driven Development and give practical examples with Rail projects. Examine some of the common problems/questions developers have had trying to get to grips with Cucumber and Outside-in testing.