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TDD With Refactoring Maniacs

Classic old-school TDD recommends refactoring as part of every cycle — red, green, refactor. In fact, it recommends refactoring mercilessly. Relentlessly. To succeed at classic TDD, you have to be some kind of refactoring maniac!

Best Practices to Write First Class Unit Tests

Techniques such as Test Driven Development, and more recently, Behavior Driven Development are well known. Yet, you still hear conflicting stories about unit testing. Some claim that introducing a lot of unit tests can hamper development, or

Legacy Refactorings for Testable User Interface Code

This session gives you an idea of the kinds of design changes you need to make to improve the testability of your system through a demonstration of legacy refactoring techniques targeted at getting business logic out of

Testing: Why Don’t We Do It Like This?

Testing is a fundamental part of the Agile process. We live and breathe TDD/BDD. Red/Green/Refactor is our daily mantra. We love cucumber and writing executable, customer readable specifications. We even write tests for our JavaScripts. And yet,

Unit Testing Legacy Code

This video shows technique to refactoring unit testing of legacy code.