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Gamifying Software Testing with pex4fun

Pex is a test generation tool for .NET for Microsoft Research that builds on dynamic symbolic execution and constraint solving. After building the Pex engine as a Visual Studio extensions, we decided to make it available on

Test First Development with Pex and Moles

This video provides a demonstration of Pex, a parameterized white box unit test tool, and Moles, an isolation framework. These two tools useful for test-first development in the context of .NET development.

Code Contracts and Pex: Power Charge Your Assertions and Unit Tests

This video shows how Code Contracts provides a set of tools for design-by-contract programming and how Pex is an advanced unit-testing tool that uses automated program exploration to intelligently create unit tests with high code coverage. See

Pex – Unit Testing of SharePoint Services that Rocks!

SharePoint Services are challenging for unit testing because it is not possible to execute the SharePoint Service without being connected to a live SharePoint site. For that reason, most of the unit tests written for SharePoint are

Moles: Mocking the Un-Mockable

In this episode we are going to take at how to use Pex and Moles for .Net. Unit testing is great, but most free isolation frameworks require that your mocks implement an interface. But what do you