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Performance Tuning: An Agile Approach

This presentation describes how agile techniques have been successfully applied to meeting performance requirements. The principle of rapid feedback encourages us to put working software in customers’ hands early and often, to discover the real performance issues.

Secrets of iPhone performance optimization

Fierce competition in the iPhone app business means you can’t afford crashes or poor performance. In this session we begin with an introduction to Instruments, Apple’s analysis tool, and how to use it to sample different parts

Measure in Milliseconds: Performance Tips for Google Web Toolkit

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) allows developers to build highly optimized, fast AJAX applications. GWT allows developers to code in the Java programming language using their favorite IDE tools, then cross-compile that source into plain JavaScript to be

Common Performance Antipatterns

Application development has become much easier because of the availability of frameworks and application platforms. Developing scalable and highly performing applications is a major challenge in modern application development. Especially highly distributed SOA architectures and always larger

Earning an “A” in YSlow

Nick Zadrozny takes us on a tour of basic website performance optimization, covering 13 optimizations you shouldn’t deploy your site without. He’ll also go over some sample implementations for a typical Rails app, including a demo of