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Using NUnit with F#

This tutorial shows how to use the NUnit open source unit testing framework from the F# programming language. F# is a succinct, expressive and efficient functional and object-oriented language for .NET which helps you write simple code

Moving from MBUnit to NUnit

This video explains the reasons and the effects of moving from MBUnit to NUnit for .NET unit testing. Both tools are open source solutions that belong to the xUnit family of unit testing tools. A post relating

Test-Driven Development – From Painful to (Near) Zero Friction

Matt Honeycutt doesn’t like development friction and especially testing friction. Over the last several years, his approach to test-driven development and the style of test cases he creates have changed drastically in an effort to eliminate testing

Learning Hudson: Setting up to run and report Unit Test results

In this episode we will continue taking a look at how to setup the Hudson build server for usage in a .net environment.  We will be taking a look at how we can use Hudson to report

Learning how to harness the power of NUnit RowTest

In this episode we will take a look at how you can utilize the power of RowTests within NUnit. By learning how to use RowTests you can reduce the amount of duplicate test code which exists when