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Measuring the Value in Software Testing

Tom Gilb is interviewed on why, how and who should measure value in software testing after speaking at UNICOM’s 8th Next Generation Testing Conference.

Hotspots with Metric Fu

Recently MetricFu, a ruby gem for creating many code metrics, added Hotspots. Now you can see where in your code you have problems at once. Wouldn’t you want to know if you have complex code that changes

Code Metrics with Metric Fu

Maintainability of your code can be measured in many different ways. Jake Scruggs has combined several of the tools that measure you code into one Ruby Gem: metric_fu. Video producer

Measure in Milliseconds: Performance Tips for Google Web Toolkit

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) allows developers to build highly optimized, fast AJAX applications. GWT allows developers to code in the Java programming language using their favorite IDE tools, then cross-compile that source into plain JavaScript to be

Metrics in an Agile World

James Shore and Rob Myers help you examine the role of metrics on Agile teams. We take a broad survey of metrics being used on Agile projects, both traditional and innovative, and look at the value and