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Bridging the Gap Between Requirements & Tests

Building great software requires a thorough understanding of the real needs of our customer. Techniques such as ATDD, BDD and Specification by Example help us understand the requirements by describing how the software has to behave in

Making FitNesse Accessible to Humans

What does it take to get non-programmers involved in test-automation? This presentation share experience with test automation and what it takes to make automation available to non-programmers.

Making FitNesse Accessible to Humans

Working in Agile software development just demands that you automate your work and have all stakeholders involved, including business analysts and functional testers. Once you start working with people that have little or no experience with test

Comparing FitNesse, Cucumber and keywords for Domain Specific Test Languages

FitNesse, BDD/ATDD based tools (like Cucumber) and various keywords based tools each have their followers when it comes to automated testing at the system or acceptance level. But few have tried each type and many are wondering

Agile Testing and SeleNesse

Tools like FitNesse allows test automation to happen quickly and broadly. However, many companies can’t support it in their infrastructure. Dawn Cannan got around this problem by helping create SeleNesse, a Selenium-FitNesse plugin. She also paired with