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Exploratory Testing Extension for Visual Studio

This presentation discusses about the new Chrome Exploratory Testing extension for Visual Studio The extension use various capture formats- notes, screenshots with annotations, user action logs, and videos. Test your applications on real devices using cloud providers

Exploratory Testing for Complex Software

In modern software development organizations, the days are gone when separate, independent Quality Assurance departments test software only after it is finished. Iterative development and agile methods mean that software is constantly being created, tested, released, marketed,

Exploratory Automated Tests

When most managers think of automated tests they picture automating what the manual testers do in running the tests. Sometimes this is what we desire, but it isn’t the most powerful way to use test automation. This

Manual Testing in an Agile Environment

Manual testers working in an agile environment are often encouraged to follow the same working practices as those working in a waterfall environment. This approach frequently leads to a manual testing effort that takes too long to

Exploratory Mobile Testing

To Automate or not to Automate your Mobile Testing: this is the question. In mobile testing just poking at the GUI will leave bugs hiding. So different tests and a variety of testers are needed. Context is