Functional Testing with Jubula

Published October 11th, 2011 Under Functional Testing | Comments Off

This video presents functional testing automation for Eclipse applications using Jubula. Jubula provides automated functional GUI testing for Java and HTML applications. The project is aimed at functional testers who want to automate their black-box tests for SWT/RCP, GEF and Swing applications. The keyword-driven approach lets testers design, automate and maintain tests by dragging and dropping from a library of test actions. Test creation is quick and code-free, tests are easy to read, and the modular structure makes them easy to maintain, despite changes in an application’s GUI.

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JUnit Test using Eclipse

Published September 27th, 2010 Under Unit Testing | Comments Off

This two part video explains how to use the JUnit plug installed in Eclise to create unit tests.

Additional resources:
* Junit SourcePage
* JUnit presentation

Devs Are From Mars. SETs Are Too.

Published August 23rd, 2010 Under Software Testing | Comments Off

Simon Stewart presents the activity of Google’s Engineering Productivity team and the role Software Engineers in Test (SETs) play in helping software developers to make their code more maintainable, recommending some of their tools: Gold linker, Eclipse, distcc, JDepend, graphviz.

Removing Duplication by Refactoring

Published May 5th, 2010 Under Software Testing | Comments Off

This video removes the duplication in the add and subtract classes by introducing an abstract base class. The end result is a use of the template method pattern.

Video Producer: Brett L. Schuchert

Getting Started with TDD in Java using Eclipse

Published April 12th, 2010 Under Software Testing | Comments Off

Starting with an empty workspace, this video begins with a demonstration of basic Test Driven Development in Java using Eclipse. From basic tests and basic production code, to refactoring, and some splashes of Behavior Driven Development, watch production code get created test first.

Video producer

Eclipse, Mylyn and the TFI

Published June 15th, 2009 Under Configuration Management | Comments Off

Part one focuses on an overview of Mylyn’s task management features including offline editing, background synchronizations and change notifications with demos of how these work for Bugzilla and JIRA. Part two is an overview of how Mylyn’s frameworks can be extended when building IDE, desktop, and server-side applications.

Integrated Debugger for Java*/JNI Environments

Published December 11th, 2008 Under Software Testing | Comments Off

In this video we will get you familiar with the approach to debugging JNI code based on a new debug interface implemented on top of Apache Harmony JVM. This approach provides support for seamless debugging native methods in Java applications and access to native data. The user interface is plugged into Eclipse IDE and based on the JDT and CDT debug interfaces. We will demonstrate the new approach on basic debug scenarios.

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