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Bug Lifecycle in Eclipse

This talk takes you through the life cycle of a bug in Eclipse from the filing of the bug to the state of commit of the solution of that bug. As all are aware, all the issues

Functional Testing with Jubula

This video presents functional testing automation for Eclipse applications using Jubula. Jubula provides automated functional GUI testing for Java and HTML applications. The project is aimed at functional testers who want to automate their black-box tests for

JUnit Test using Eclipse

This two part video explains how to use the JUnit plug installed in Eclise to create unit tests. Additional resources: * Junit SourcePage * * JUnit presentation

Devs Are From Mars. SETs Are Too.

Simon Stewart presents the activity of Google’s Engineering Productivity team and the role Software Engineers in Test (SETs) play in helping software developers to make their code more maintainable, recommending some of their tools: Gold linker, Eclipse,

Removing Duplication by Refactoring

This video removes the duplication in the add and subtract classes by introducing an abstract base class. The end result is a use of the template method pattern. Video Producer: Brett L. Schuchert