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Debugging: the Science of Deduction

Software never works exactly the way we expect or intend it to, at least at first. Something inevitably goes wrong! What then? We are here for problem-solving, and every bug we encounter is a mystery, a wonderment,

Debugging HTTP

In this world where we have moved beyond web pages and build ever-more asynchronous applications, often things that go wrong result in errors we can’t see. This session will give a very technical overview of HTTP and

Debugging and Testing Android Applications

This video explores some best practices for debugging, troubleshooting, and testing your Android applications. Some tools that are reviewed include Logcat, Debugger, Traceview, and HierarchyViewer.

Open Source Debugging Tools

Expensive commercial utilities ruled the debugging market for years, but learn how a loose confederation of 10 powerful Open Source debugging tools has adeptly fulfilled many of those same needs, and in many cases, taken debugging to

Debug PHP Scripts With Xdebug

Learn how to detect and debug PHP scripts with the free open source tool Xdebug, which is an extension to PHP. The first part will quickly show how to get started with Xdebug. The second part of