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Automating Code Coverage Analysis

In the world of Agile having lean and reliable automated software testing that covers a products functionality is essential however the development process in creating, updating and reviewing these tests is often tedious and unpredictable and difficult

From jUnit to Mutation-Testing

JUnit is a well-known tool for java developers in the area of TD where it is accepted that code coverage can be measured. In this case we distinguish between coverage on the level of classes, methods and

Coverage is Not Strongly Correlated with Test Suite Effectiveness

The coverage of a test suite is often used as a proxy for its ability to detect faults. However, previous studies that investigated the correlation between code coverage and test suite effectiveness have failed to reach a

Test Coverage Reports for your Javascript with Ruby!

JCov is a open source test framework written in Ruby. This agnostic, lightweight, headless test runner can report code coverage for your JavaScrip programs.

Coverage Testing, the Good and the Bad

Coverage testing measures the execution of code, and is a great way of testing your tests: are they exercising all of your code? There are some pitfalls to be aware of in implementing coverage testing, though. 100%