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The Death of Continuous Integration

As delivery teams mature and adopt Continuous Delivery they will explicitly discard practices that have become more costly over time. However, many teams today are implicitly discarding Continuous Integration, due to ever-easier Feature Branching and an under-appreciation

Software Testing Strategies for Continuous Delivery

The strategies that companies use to deliver software, like the software itself, is constantly evolving. As companies strive to deliver software faster with continuous delivery, the traditional approach to software testing needs to be modernized.

Testing All The Way To Production

MAX is a company well known for practicing and advocating Continuous Delivery, but it hasn’t been a completely smooth journey. This talk describes how MAX safely continuously releases a production system processing $10 billion a day, confident

Jenkins From Continuous Integration to Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery is the highest form of Continuous Integration. More than just automated deployment, Continuous Delivery involves a mindset change – any build that passes the necessary quality gates can be deployed into production on demand.