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Pragmatic Unit Testing in C++

Successful adoption of unit testing goes beyond picking a framework: The effectiveness of unit testing is dependent on run-time analysis, static analysis, and other tools to make up the “iron triangle” necessary to get profitable increases in

Frama-C Industrial Usage

This video presents some industrial applications of the Frama-C platform by Dassault Aviation. Frama-C is a suite of open source tools dedicated to the analysis of the source code of software written in C. Frama-C gathers several

CMake/CPack/CTest/CDash Open Source Tools to Build Test and Deploy C++ Software

This talk will cover the history and features of CMake, CTest, CDash and CPack in the context of a integrated development environment.

C++ And TDD: Getting Started

This video provides a demonstration of Test-Driven Development (TDD) in C++ using the Eclipse CDT and CppUTest.

Rethinking Unit Testing in C++

Kevlin Henney explores the typical styles used for C++ unit-testing frameworks before going on to look at other possibilities that are more likely to encourage programmer testing and higher quality unit tests. From the raw use of