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The Sbt Scala Interactive Build Tool

“sbt” is an open source Scala-oriented build tool. Unlike most other general build tools, “sbt” is targeted to support only Scala and Java projects.

Beautiful Builds

This presentation covers useful patterns for solving common problems that you might come across while building your automated build process: slow builds, unmaintainable scripts, dependencies between multiple components and versions.

A Different Approach to Build Systems

Why is it that every web build system needs you to adapt to its way of working? Why do you have to write manifest files, put files into a specific directory structure and do a lot of

Build Automation and Continuous Integration with TFS 2010

This video explains how to leverage TFS 2010, Windows Workflow (WF), and MSBuild to streamline the build and deployment processes and enable continuous integration. Continuous integration is an Agile best practice that allows for faster, more frequent

Gradle – A Better Way To Build

Specially for large enterprise builds, the build performance is critical. Yet the build must be reliable and should be intuitive to use. Gradle offers plenty of features to support this: Gradle keeps a history of past build