Performance Testing Archive

Understanding Performance with DTrace (While The Customer Yells at You)

You’ve built some software that users love, and while its use starts to become more frequent it also becomes more critical. Suddenly the failures, inevitable and previously merely a nuisance, have become critical and emotionally fraught as

Faster Websites with WebPageTest

Modern users expect more than ever from web applications. Unfortunately, they are also consuming applications more frequently from low bandwidth and low power devices – which strains developers to not only nail the user experience, but also

Fixing Performance Problems

A lot of people know the basics of performance testing, but most will have a vague knowledge at best centered around one or two favorite tools which are always available. What happens when these tools are taken

Multithreaded Test Synthesis

Subtle concurrency errors in multithreaded libraries that arise because of incorrect or inadequate synchronization are often difficult to pinpoint precisely using only static techniques. On the other hand, the effectiveness of dynamic detectors is critically dependent on

Performance Testing with a Raspberry Pi & Java

Learn how a large number of cheap Raspberry Pi computers running Java can be combined into a powerful load testing engine for networking applications and how this tool has been used in the real world. The Raspberry