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Smarter Testing with Smarter Testers

Today’s software development projects are typically iterative, fast moving and subject to change. As software testers in these environments, we are continuously faced with an overwhelming amount of information and data to take in, analyze and process in order to determine what testing approach to take. When time is tight, the pressure to make quick decision increases – how do we know that we are testing the right things, the right way, at the right time? How can we reduce decision-making time, without losing confidence in our decisions?

The presentation suggests a simple framework consisting of four fast steps to determine what test approach to take.
* Assess: What does quality mean to us?
* Align: How much documentation do we really need?
* Advise: How should we test?
* Accelerate: How can testing save time?

Focusing on reducing waste and increasing efficiencies, the framework allows testers to quickly make context-driven decisions. This session goes through the framework and how to apply it.

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