Full Stack Testing of Ruby and JavaScript Applications

The Ruby community has become obsessed with testing, we aim for TDD all the fucking time, and 100% code coverage. Yet in our applications, our JavaScript lingers, untested and unrefactored, one giant blob of DOM manipulation and absence of structure. In this class I will teach you practical tools to use to successfully test drive the development of all parts of your application. Half of the workshop will focus on integration testing with Capybara, the other half will focus on unit testing JavaScript with Jasmin and Evergreen. We will have a series of practical exercises to teach you how to setup and use these tools to improve your testing workflows. Please make sure you have a laptop which can run OS X or Linux where you can generate Rails 3.0 applications easily, pair programming is encouraged.

You’re building web applications and now you’re writing tests as well. But do your tests really cover all parts of your application? What about that pile of JavaScript spaghetti that keeps on growing? In this session you will learn practical techniques to test a larger part of your Ruby code, as well as how to write testable JavaScript, and cover it with solid, flexible and useful unit tests. A solid, comprehensive test suite allows you to take charge of your codebase and refactor with confidence. You will work on a practical problem, writing tests for a particular piece of code. Please bring a laptop with *nix, Ruby, Bundler and Firefox installed, or pair program with someone who has one.

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