A Guided Read of Minitest

Published November 24th, 2015 Under Unit Testing | Leave a Comment

Minitest is a testing library of just 1,500 lines of Ruby code. By comparison, Rspec clocks in at nearly 15,000! Why is Minitest so small? I’d like to investigate by doing a guided read of Minitest’s source code. Read more

Exploratory Testing for Complex Software

Published November 17th, 2015 Under Functional Testing | Leave a Comment

In modern software development organizations, the days are gone when separate, independent Quality Assurance departments test software only after it is finished. Iterative development and agile methods mean that software is constantly being created, tested, released, marketed, and used in short, tight cycles. An important testing approach in such an environment is called Exploratory Testing, and the Wikimedia Foundation has made significant investments to support Exploratory Testing for its software development projects. Read more

Scaling up with Embedded Testing

Published November 11th, 2015 Under Performance Testing | Leave a Comment

Whenever someone asks me what I do for a living, I tell them that my job is to take software from idea to release as efficiently as possible. I provide this service for multiple teams as a time, without writing a single test case. But in my journey to here, it made me question what the role of a tester really is. Read more

Automated Testing of XAML-Based Windows Phone Applications

Published November 3rd, 2015 Under Unit Testing | Comments Off on Automated Testing of XAML-Based Windows Phone Applications

Do you want to create automated tests for your Windows Phone apps? With Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 you can now create automated tests for your XAML-based Windows Phone apps. Starting from unit tests to functional end-to-end scenario tests, you can now perform all of your testing from the integrated Test Explorer in Visual Studio. These tests are seamlessly integrated with the automated build capabilities of Team Foundation Server. Read more

ESTCube-1: Testing in Space

Published October 28th, 2015 Under Software Testing | Comments Off on ESTCube-1: Testing in Space

Space exploration is a tough challenge. From the technological point of view, systems have to be able to withstand harsh conditions during the launch and in the space environment. The resilience and redundancy of the developed hardware and software are keys to survival in the unpredicted situations which tend to inevitably occur in space missions. Read more

Behaviour Driven Development with Cucumber, Groovy and Grails

Published October 19th, 2015 Under Functional Testing | Comments Off on Behaviour Driven Development with Cucumber, Groovy and Grails

This presentation explains how you can do Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) with Cucumber, Groovy and Grails. This session presents the good and the bad of BDD. It then presents and Cucumber as an open source tool to implement BDD. Finally, it discusses the Grails Cucumber Plugin. Read more

The Death of Continuous Integration

Published October 14th, 2015 Under Continuous Integration | Comments Off on The Death of Continuous Integration

As delivery teams mature and adopt Continuous Delivery they will explicitly discard practices that have become more costly over time. However, many teams today are implicitly discarding Continuous Integration, due to ever-easier Feature Branching and an under-appreciation of Trunk Based Development. What are the consequences of this Continuous Isolation trend for Agile development and Continuous Delivery? Read more

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