Testing Battle.net

Battle.net is the online service that runs Blizzard’s games. As such, it is a large scale distributed system with many interacting parts and dependencies on various services and data. While developing Battle.net servers, I needed a way

TestOps: Chasing the White Whale

TestOps is the reclusive member of the DevOps family. Reports of sightings have been few and far between. Although we have heard stories, most of us don’t know anyone who’s actually seen it in the wild.

Round Table Presentation 1: Mobile Cross-Platform Testing

This video presents the results of a round table about mobile cross-platform testing held at the Google Test Automation Conference (GTAC).

Testing The Testing Machine

Appium, often dubbed “Selenium for mobile”, at heart it’s a web server written in NodeJs. Its architecture is modular, which means that it is composed of many small, independently maintained and tested modules. Testing Appium is challenging,

Software Testing and the Hacker Way

This video explains about how Facebook engineers test their software. Facebook doesn’t have QA department, but the new code is pushed to the site every day, while the backend infrastructure is continuously being developed. You will learn