Better Than TDD: More TDD

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What is better than Test-Driven Development? Even more test driven development – this time with deeper tests. Unit tests are useful, but a few examples don’t prove our Ruby code correct. Can we approach mathematical proof without ballooning the lines of test code we maintain? Read more

My Tests Are Killing Me

Published March 23rd, 2015 Under Software Testing | Leave a Comment

Since the early days of eXtreme Programming, tests have been touted as “executable documentation”. In practice, however, many tests fail to live up to that ideal and worse become a time sink when trying to decipher test failures. Using examples and focusing specifically on unit or developer tests, this talk examines the characteristics of readability in tests and offer advice on making your tests more readable. Read more

The Thinking Tester, Evolved

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Back in 2001 or so, there were some within the nascent Agile community who believed that direct collaboration between programmers and customers (or their proxies) would eventually obviate the need for professional testers. The context-driven testing community knew how unlikely that was. We are, after all, a community of critical thinkers. Read more

Mobile Tester and Developer Working Together

Published March 9th, 2015 Under Software Testing | Comments Off

A software tester and a software developer discuss their experiences working at a medical device company to improve a heart monitor’s software. They share some of their experiences of how they worked together not only to find bugs, but were involved discussions on design, deciphered the complex architecture of the entire system, and worked out ideas on how to improve the user experience of a mobile heart monitor. Read more

Test Automation for Behavioral Models

Published March 2nd, 2015 Under Software Testing | Comments Off

Model-based testers design abstract tests in terms of models such as paths in graphs. Then the abstract tests need to be converted to concrete tests, which are defined in terms of implementation. The transformation from abstract tests to concrete tests have to be automated. Read more

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of A/B Testing

Published February 23rd, 2015 Under Functional Testing | Comments Off

A/B testing is a great technique to experiment with changes to your product. At Etsy we make extensive use of them to test out ideas; we’ve got 30+ running right now. Although the concept is simple, the execution is a bit tricker then you’d think. This covers the common, and a few of the not so common, mistakes that can skew your results. Read more

Testing to Improve App Store Ratings

Published February 16th, 2015 Under Functional Testing | Comments Off

The presenter has helped customers worldwide improve app store rating for their apps. He will be showing real work done. He would love to explain how his team understood existing user reviews, how they interact with users, understanding user emotions and equally important, how they test and report. Read more

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