Who Wants to Test Anyway?

In enterprise Java application development, software testing often is treated very much as poor relations. But for more than ‘Hello World’ applications testing is not just nice to have (at the end of the project) rather than

Unit Testing Tools in Visual Studio 2017

This video shows some of the unit test tooling available in Visual Studio 2017, including testing performance improvements, Hierarchy View in the Test Explorer, generating unit tests, Intellitest, code coverage and Live Unit Testing.

Agile Testing: BDD for Everyone

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) can often seem like an exclusive club for testers and developers, but for Agile testing t to be successful on a project, it needs to be embraced by the whole team. This is a

Test-Driven Development With JUnit

This tutorial show you how to use the open source JUnit testing tool for Java to do Test-Driven Development (TDD). The promise of Test-Driven development is better software by thinking through how you want to test it,

Testing in Production

Performing software testing all the f***ing time is one of the values of the Ruby community. But how many of us test in production in addition to running our test suites as part of CI? This talk