The Journey to a Software Testing Center of Excellence

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What happens when the company that has engaged you as some kind of process expert has no clue how to test its applications & systems consistently or thoroughly? Where do you start? Where do you lead them, with what software testing best practices, tools, technologies? This will be a little personal journey through this rocky landscape, with guideposts, and, hopefully, some helpful tips and tools. Read more

Full Stack Behaviour Driven Development

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This talk presents the adoption of BDD from the back-end (with the likes of Behat and phpspec) through to the front-end (with Mocha.js and Cucumber.js) and how you can align these processes to make all your development consistent. It also discusses how this approach suits an Agile process. Read more

Manual Testing in an Agile Environment

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Manual testers working in an agile environment are often encouraged to follow the same working practices as those working in a waterfall environment. This approach frequently leads to a manual testing effort that takes too long to prepare, execute and maintain. The result is often anything but agile. Read more

Balancing Exploratory and Automated Testing in Agile

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A jack of all trades and master of some, Matt Attaway has worked as a tester, developer, researcher, designer, manager, DevOps engineer, and elephant trainer. He currently manages the open source development group at Perforce Software, but prior to that he led a test team working on the highest profile projects at Perforce. When not tinkering with the latest software development pipeline tools, Matt enjoys experimenting with cocktails and playing games of all sorts—preferably simultaneously. Read more

The Relationships Between Software Testing and Analytics

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Analytics is being incorporated into software for Mobile and Web applications.The business has already decided to rely on the results to help grow the business and to shape their plans for new features, products and services. We have the opportunity to get involved in Analytics. It needs testing to determine if it’s fit for purpose. And we can use Analytics to inform and improve: our testing, the development and ultimately the products and apps we deliver to the end users. Read more

Tests as Documentation for Software Developers

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I hate writing documentation. It contains the wrong information, not enough information, or too much information. It’s in the wrong place at the wrong time and it confuses me. I’d much rather write code even though I know that documentation can be important too. But wait! Read more

Scaling Source Control at Facebook

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This video explains how Facebook scaled their source technology to keep up with their growing team of highly productive engineers. Facebook’s current solution beats git by 5x – 50x for common operations. Read more

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