TDD With Refactoring Maniacs

Published August 24th, 2015 Under Unit Testing | Leave a Comment

Classic old-school TDD recommends refactoring as part of every cycle — red, green, refactor. In fact, it recommends refactoring mercilessly. Relentlessly. To succeed at classic TDD, you have to be some kind of refactoring maniac! Read more

Levelling Up Your Automated Tests

Published August 19th, 2015 Under Software Testing | Leave a Comment

Testing has been part of the software delivery lifecycle since… forever. Now, Agile methodologies make testing part of everyone’s responsibilities. But despite this, despite big steps forward with TDD, BDD, and other approaches which bring automated testing to the forefront of the development process, many developers still behave as if testing is a second class citizen. Read more

Testing Grails

Published August 10th, 2015 Under Functional Testing | Comments Off on Testing Grails

Grails comes with extensive testing support, ranging from unit to integration to functional tests. This session will demonstrate the range of options available both natively and through testing plugins. Read more

Debugging: the Science of Deduction

Published July 27th, 2015 Under Software Testing | Comments Off on Debugging: the Science of Deduction

Software never works exactly the way we expect or intend it to, at least at first. Something inevitably goes wrong! What then? We are here for problem-solving, and every bug we encounter is a mystery, a wonderment, and a puzzle which upon resolution lets us move on to bigger, more interesting problems. Let’s clear our heads and stop throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks! We’ll discuss how to systematically approach diagnosing the root causes of unexpected behavior in our code. Read more

Testing Your Android Application

Published July 22nd, 2015 Under Functional Testing | Comments Off on Testing Your Android Application

Everybody knows testing is important, so let’s focus on test-driven development, testing best practices and the most useful Android testing libraries in our quest to improve the user experience and developer happiness. In this talk you’ll get an overview of how several types of testing (unit, integration, UI testing) fit into an Android project. Read more

Test Java and Groovy with Spock

Published July 13th, 2015 Under Unit Testing | Comments Off on Test Java and Groovy with Spock

Spock is a popular open source testing framework (mainly) for Java and Groovy applications. What makes it stand out from the crowd is its beautiful and highly expressive specification language. Thanks to its JUnit runner, Spock is compatible with most IDEs, build tools, and continuous integration servers. Read more

Moving Away from Legacy Code with BDD

Published June 29th, 2015 Under Functional Testing | Comments Off on Moving Away from Legacy Code with BDD

Greenfield projects are awesome – you can develop highest quality application using best practices on the market. But what if your bread actually is Legacy projects? Does it mean that you need to descend into darkness of QA absence? Does it mean that you can’t use Agile or modern communication practices like BDD? Read more

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