Getting Started Testing in Python

Published December 16th, 2014 Under Software Testing | Leave a Comment

If you’ve never written tests before, you probably know you *should*, but view the whole process as a bureaucratic paperwork nightmare to check off on your ready-to-ship checklist. This is the wrong way to approach testing. Tests are a solution to a problem that is important to you: does my code work? This presentation shows you how Python tests are written and why. Read more

Testing Third Party JavaScript Widgets

Published December 8th, 2014 Under Unit Testing | Leave a Comment

Google Analytics, Like Buttons, Twitter Widgets, Olark chat boxes; all examples of third party JavaScript elements that are embedded by users in their websites. Testing third party code once embedded in a page, is often difficult and cumbersome. Verifying those elements are working properly (or even more basically, are not breaking the page) is difficult to get right. Clients will often not give you access to their page, or allow you to debug ‘live’, leaving scope for bugs to creep in. Read more

Application Deployment: State of the Onion

Published December 1st, 2014 Under Configuration Management | Comments Off

This talk overviews the various deployment tools available today, discusses their different tradeoffs, and helps shine a light on which might be the appropriate platform for your project. Read more

Debugging HTTP

Published November 27th, 2014 Under Software Testing | Comments Off

In this world where we have moved beyond web pages and build ever-more asynchronous applications, often things that go wrong result in errors we can’t see. This session will give a very technical overview of HTTP and how to inspect your application’s communications, whether on the web or on a mobile device. Read more

Advanced Usage of py.test Fixtures

Published November 24th, 2014 Under Unit Testing | Comments Off

One unique and powerful feature of py.test is the dependency injection of test fixtures using function arguments. This talk presents py.test’s fixture mechanism gradually introducing more complex uses and features. This should lead to an understanding of the power of the fixture system and how to build complex but easily-managed test
suites using them. Read more

Load Testing with Visual Studio Online

Published November 17th, 2014 Under Performance Testing | Comments Off

Most development teams realize that they should do load testing but can’t because of time or resource constraints. ?Now, with Visual Studio Online, load testing has never been easier. We’ve introduced a simplified, browser-based authoring and configuration experience that lets you quickly create a load test and execute it at scale, using the power of the cloud. Read more

Software Testing and Release Engineering at Google

Published November 13th, 2014 Under Continuous Integration, Software Testing | Comments Off

Get a peek into iOS development, from making sure our apps and policies stay in compliance with Appstore development restrictions, to understanding the interesting points of being a large company that occupies the AppStore alongside individual developers. This explores the release process for Chrome for iOS, including an overview of our product development strategy, automated testing frameworks, and manual testing processes. Read more

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