Exploratory Automated Tests

Published January 27th, 2015 Under Functional Testing | Leave a Comment

When most managers think of automated tests they picture automating what the manual testers do in running the tests. Sometimes this is what we desire, but it isn’t the most powerful way to use test automation. This tutorial is about extending your reach to do testing that cannot be done manually. Read more

Free Software Tests Are Better Than Free Bananas

Published January 21st, 2015 Under Software Testing | Leave a Comment

There is growing interest in leveraging data mining and machine learning techniques in the analysis, maintenance and testing of software systems. This talk discusses how Google uses such techniques to automatically mine system invariants, uses those invariants in monitoring our systems in real-time and alerts engineers of any potential production problems within minutes. Read more

Python Packaging and Testing with devpi and tox

Published January 13th, 2015 Under Unit Testing | Leave a Comment

This talk discusses good ways to organize packaging and testing for Python projects. It walks through a per-company and an open source scenario and explains how to best use the “devpi-server” and “tox” for making sure you are delivering good and well tested and documented packages. As time permits, we also discuss in-development features such as real-time mirroring and search. Read more

Testing with Page Object Pattern

Published January 5th, 2015 Under Functional Testing | Comments Off

Learn how after one discussion and discovering of Page Object Pattern the presenter spend 48 hours in a row on rewriting all our automated tests. Why has he done this? Because it was a cure for all of the problems connected with tests maintainability. Read more

What Do You Mean by Agile Tester?

Published December 26th, 2014 Under Software Testing | Comments Off

What makes an Agile tester ‘Agile’? Is there really that much difference between agile and non-agile software testing? This session takes a look at the experiences of a tester embedded into an Agile team and examines the skills an Agile tester should have in their arsenal. Read more

Getting Started Testing in Python

Published December 16th, 2014 Under Software Testing | Comments Off

If you’ve never written tests before, you probably know you *should*, but view the whole process as a bureaucratic paperwork nightmare to check off on your ready-to-ship checklist. This is the wrong way to approach testing. Tests are a solution to a problem that is important to you: does my code work? This presentation shows you how Python tests are written and why. Read more

Testing Third Party JavaScript Widgets

Published December 8th, 2014 Under Unit Testing | Comments Off

Google Analytics, Like Buttons, Twitter Widgets, Olark chat boxes; all examples of third party JavaScript elements that are embedded by users in their websites. Testing third party code once embedded in a page, is often difficult and cumbersome. Verifying those elements are working properly (or even more basically, are not breaking the page) is difficult to get right. Clients will often not give you access to their page, or allow you to debug ‘live’, leaving scope for bugs to creep in. Read more

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