Monitoring Microservices

Published May 4th, 2015 Under Performance Testing | Leave a Comment

This talk introduces the problem by showing some valiant and failed attempts to visualize microservice architectures. The challenge is based on a new open source tool (spigo) that generates large scale simulations of complex microservices, and which can be used to stress test monitoring tools without the expense and effort of standing up large test configurations. Read more

Pragmatic Unit Testing in C++

Published April 27th, 2015 Under Unit Testing | Leave a Comment

Successful adoption of unit testing goes beyond picking a framework: The effectiveness of unit testing is dependent on run-time analysis, static analysis, and other tools to make up the “iron triangle” necessary to get profitable increases in feature velocity and MTBF in the field. We’ll cover where to start in a legacy codebase get the most ROI on unit testing effort, the top 5 legacy design knots and refactoring steps to loosen those knots, and how to write tests that are easy to read and maintain. Intermediate knowledge of linkers and preprocessors are highly recommended. Read more

TDD For Your Soul

Published April 22nd, 2015 Under Unit Testing | Leave a Comment

As a new Ruby developer, I expected to be challenged intellectually as I dove into algorithms, data structures, and object-oriented design, but I was disturbed to realize that coding, especially in an Agile workflow, actually challenged me personally. Web development pushes us to our limits, not only of cognition, but of character. Read more

Test Automation for a Set-top Box

Published April 9th, 2015 Under Functional Testing | Comments Off

This talk explains what a TV App context is and the kind of problems we can encounter when trying to automate the things out. This presentation goes through previous failures, their approach and what have been the key points to build an automatic test tool. Come listen how a few solders and some lines of code have opened the rich world of web testing to a set-top box. Read more

JavaScript Unit Testing with Jest

Published April 2nd, 2015 Under Unit Testing | Comments Off

Jest is an open source tool developed by Facebook that provides painless JavaScript unit testing. It is built on top of the Jasmine test framework, using familiar expect(value).toBe(other) assertions. Read more

Better Than TDD: More TDD

Published March 30th, 2015 Under Unit Testing | Comments Off

What is better than Test-Driven Development? Even more test driven development – this time with deeper tests. Unit tests are useful, but a few examples don’t prove our Ruby code correct. Can we approach mathematical proof without ballooning the lines of test code we maintain? Read more

My Tests Are Killing Me

Published March 23rd, 2015 Under Software Testing | Comments Off

Since the early days of eXtreme Programming, tests have been touted as “executable documentation”. In practice, however, many tests fail to live up to that ideal and worse become a time sink when trying to decipher test failures. Using examples and focusing specifically on unit or developer tests, this talk examines the characteristics of readability in tests and offer advice on making your tests more readable. Read more

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