My Tests are a Mess

Published August 25th, 2014 Under Software Testing | Leave a Comment

Is your test suite comprehensible to someone new to the project? Can you find where you tested that last feature? Do you have to wade through dozens of files to deal with updated code? Read more

Better Mobile Testing for Better User Experience

Published August 19th, 2014 Under Functional Testing | Leave a Comment

This webinar presents examples of heuristics for software testing based on various mobile device configurations. Each example focuses on user experience. Use and build on these ideas in your own testing. Read more

Automated Testing With Cucumber JVM, Selenium & Mocha

Published July 29th, 2014 Under Functional Testing | Comments Off

This presentation provides an overview of behavior-driven development and test automation for, which aided in the production of a Visualforce/JavaScript application for an enterprise client. Using Cucumber JVM, Selenium, Jenkins, and Git – the team was able to catch regression errors during development. It offers an overview of the solution used and how it worked in a real-world environment. Read more

The Journey to a Software Testing Center of Excellence

Published July 21st, 2014 Under Software Testing | Comments Off

What happens when the company that has engaged you as some kind of process expert has no clue how to test its applications & systems consistently or thoroughly? Where do you start? Where do you lead them, with what software testing best practices, tools, technologies? This will be a little personal journey through this rocky landscape, with guideposts, and, hopefully, some helpful tips and tools. Read more

Full Stack Behaviour Driven Development

Published July 15th, 2014 Under Functional Testing | Comments Off

This talk presents the adoption of BDD from the back-end (with the likes of Behat and phpspec) through to the front-end (with Mocha.js and Cucumber.js) and how you can align these processes to make all your development consistent. It also discusses how this approach suits an Agile process. Read more

Manual Testing in an Agile Environment

Published June 30th, 2014 Under Software Testing | Comments Off

Manual testers working in an agile environment are often encouraged to follow the same working practices as those working in a waterfall environment. This approach frequently leads to a manual testing effort that takes too long to prepare, execute and maintain. The result is often anything but agile. Read more

Balancing Exploratory and Automated Testing in Agile

Published June 23rd, 2014 Under Software Testing | Comments Off

A jack of all trades and master of some, Matt Attaway has worked as a tester, developer, researcher, designer, manager, DevOps engineer, and elephant trainer. He currently manages the open source development group at Perforce Software, but prior to that he led a test team working on the highest profile projects at Perforce. When not tinkering with the latest software development pipeline tools, Matt enjoys experimenting with cocktails and playing games of all sorts—preferably simultaneously. Read more

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