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Testing in Future Space with ScalaTest

ScalaTest is a popular open source testing tool in the Scala ecosystem. In ScalaTest 3.0’s new async testing styles, tests have a result type of Future[Assertion]. Instead of blocking until a future completes, then performing assertions on

The Sbt Scala Interactive Build Tool

“sbt” is an open source Scala-oriented build tool. Unlike most other general build tools, “sbt” is targeted to support only Scala and Java projects.

Testing Scala with ScalaTest, ScalaMock and SubCut

This presentation explains how to achieve a Pragmatic Testing Nirvana in a Scala environement with tools like ScalaTest, ScalaMock and SubCut.

Get Higher with ScalaTest

his talk will show you ScalaTest, a new testing tool that will let you work at a higher level than JUnit and TestNG. You’ll learn about high-level features of Scala such as traits and self-types, implicit conversions