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Using Cucumber to Test CLR Assembly

This screencast shows how to unit test a .NET CLR assembly using Cucumber BDD Framework.

Working Outside-in with Cucumber and RSpec

Look at the idea of working Outside-in and the importance of focusing on customer value. Introduce Cucumber a testing tool which allows writing plain text feature documentation which through Ruby steps is executed. Examine how to use

Outside-in development with Ubuntu

This is a demo of how I’d like to be able to do Behaviour-driven development (from the outside-in) on Ubuntu using stories and automated testing. The story-part is already possible with cucumber – but it’d be nice

BDD with Cucumber

Cucumber is a BDD tool that aids in outside-in development by executing plain-text features/stories as automated acceptance tests. Written in conjunction with the stakeholder, these Cucumber “features” clearly articulate business value and also serve as a practical

Cucumber and Watir 101

Dave Hoover demonstrates how to use Watir with Cucumber. Actually, he uses his own library SafariWatir, but you could easily swap it with Watir, FireWatir, ChromeWatir or Celerity. Cucumber lets software development teams describe how software should