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Testing C# and ASP.NET Applications with Ruby

The Ruby community has always understood the importance of testing. They strive to make applications more testable while improving the approaches and tools they use. They have created some amazing frameworks and a series of best practices

Frontend Testing Frontier

While most Ruby developers are very familiar with testing their code, frontend and JavaScript-testing is still a new frontier for many. This talk will show you how to easily write and run JavaScript integration tests with Capybara

Comparing FitNesse, Cucumber and keywords for Domain Specific Test Languages

FitNesse, BDD/ATDD based tools (like Cucumber) and various keywords based tools each have their followers when it comes to automated testing at the system or acceptance level. But few have tried each type and many are wondering

Testing C# and ASP.Net Applications Using Ruby

Ben Hall shows how Ruby testing tools can help with .NET and ASP.NET development and takes a look at RSpec, Webrat, Cucumber, Selenium and others. Also: a peek at using IronRuby for testing .NET apps.

Cucumber-nagios + Flapjack: Rethinking Monitoring for the Cloud

Writing checks for your monitoring system is boring. You end up writing the same checks again and again, and it can be difficult to verify behavior instead of availability. Wouldn’t it be useful to have a standard