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Static Code Analysis with NDepend

The importance of a well–structured and understandable code base with a low amount of errors is of the utmost importance for our ability to deliver and maintain software. This video focuses on how Static Code Analysis helps

Five Static Code Audits for Developers

This video explains the need for software audits and proposes five code reviews that every developer should use: Numerical Literal, String Literal, god Method, Shotgun Surgery and Duplicate Code. Static code analysis is performed without actually executing

Introduction to Python Profiling

Python’s implementation is slow, but you can often write fast Python if you know how to profile your code effectively. This presentation will show you how to use the built-in cProfile module to capture profile data, both

Introduction to NCover: Setting up for Analysis

In this episode we are going to take a quick look at how to setup and use the NCover code coverage and analysis tool. Having the knowledge of the state of your code, is key to understanding

Introduction to NDepend: Adding NDepend to your Nant Script

This episode we are we are going to take a look at the NDepend static analysis tool. When taking a look at NDepend we are going first to do a simple fly-by of how to setup and