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Removing Dependencies for Unit Testing

This screencast demonstrates how to Stub out dependencies using a wrapper class.

Advanced ASP.NET MVC

Learn how to extend the ASP.NET MVC framework with dependency injection, view engines, action filters, and more. We’ll see how to apply Test Driven Development and write unit tests with mock objects.

ASP.NET MVC: Episode 5 with Charlie Poole – Viewing a Page and Final Thoughts

In this fifth and final episode, Stephen Walther and Charlie Poole successfully view blog entries in a page and all of their tests are green. This episode ends with Charlie Poole’s thoughts on the process that they

ASP.NET MVC: Episode 4 with Charlie Poole – Unit Testing the Model

In this fourth episode, Stephen Walther and Charlie Poole build classes that represent their blog and blog entries. Charlie Poole also demonstrates some useful NUnit tricks.

ASP.NET MVC: Episode 3 with Charlie Poole – Returning Blog Entries

In this third episode, Stephen Walther and Charlie Poole build tests that verify that their blog can return blog entries. They build unit tests for the case when there are no entries returned and the case when