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Painless Unit Testing: TheServerSide Tech Brief

Alberto Savoia, the CTO and co-founder of Agitar Software, talks about their new AgitarOne, a tool for dealing with what some call “the steaming pile of legacy code”. Legacy in this context is the code hasn’t been

Automated Testing Patterns and Smells

Presentation by Gerard Meszaros that describes a number of common problems encountered when writing and running automated unit and functional tests. He describes these problems as “test smells”, and talks about their root causes. He also suggests

Exploratory Testing by James Bach

James Bach presents the skills involved in the Exploratory Testing approach. Related material: Exploratory Testing: Finding the Music of Software Investigation

Becoming a Software Testing Expert by James Bach

You’re already an experienced tester. You know how to design tests and report bugs. Now what? Do you feel like an expert? Unfortunately, if you want to become very good at testing, there aren’t many classes or