Making FitNesse Accessible to Humans

What does it take to get non-programmers involved in test-automation? This presentation share experience with test automation and what it takes to make automation available to non-programmers.

Working in Agile software development just demands that you automate your work and have all stakeholders involved, including business analysts and functional testers. Once you start working with people that have little or no experience with test automation it becomes painfully clear that collaborative test-automation tools with an intuitive feel to it are practically non-existant.

If you actually get people to use test-automation tools, while the weight should lie on team collaboration and setting up executable specifications, valuable time is lost with markup issues and tool support and often new users get scared of by the tools in-comprehensiveness. Both Arjan and Cirilo, while performing different roles, experienced these frustrations, but also recognized FitNesse has the potential of being a tool suited for bridging the gap and decided to get it into shape.

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