Code Excavations, Wishful Invocations and Domain Specific Unit Test Frameworks

In this talk I’ll describe a technique for unit–testing code embedded in an impenetrable framework (such as Sharepoint, Silverlight, and BizTalk) that make such code inaccessible. We know we should write code that is easy to test because it has clean boundaries, but sometimes the vendors we work with make that kind of modularity just too hard. I will talk about how we can test such plug–in code by faking its environment in memory, simulating the underlying engines. As an example, I’ll be showing SilverUnit, a framework to test code written for the Silverlight framework without driving through the browser. I’ll talk about how the need for this sort of testing arose during Silverlight development and how it allowed me to make sure my Silverlight code worked as expected. even the UI logic.

Watch this streaming video from the Norwegian Developer Conference 2010

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