How We Build Quality Software at

This video provides an experience report on how we build quality software at Around 9 months ago the development team shifted from having a separate QA team to adopting a whole-team approach for building and delivering software with quality baked in. This talk explains why we made this shift, provide an insight into how we achieved it from a people and process point of view and delve into tooling. It includes:
– Why testing along the production line is better than testing end-of-cycle.
– How we make sure we get thorough acceptance criteria up front, before we start development.
– How we automate execution of acceptance criteria with cucumber and watir.
– How we run these continuously in TeamCity.
– Why we stopped using QTP and Selenium.
– How our developers learnt to think like testers.
– Why we stopped using the words ‘tester’ and ‘testing’.
– The importance of BDD for writing testable code.
– How kanban principles help radiate information on development and provide tracking and reporting on quality.
– Peripheral activities that help us continuously release quickly and confidently.

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